A Saturday night, dance around the fire, rousing sing-along, crowd-pleasing performer: Addison rocks every show. 

She is a solo entertainer, with a versatile voice and a rhythmic style of guitar.  Her repertoire can best be compared to a live jukebox, and she takes requests from across genres and decades, sometimes learning songs right there on the spot. 

Addison also writes pop songs with deep meaning and a quirky sense of humor. Growing out of classical guitar roots, she picks intricate guitar patterns and sings soaring, emotional melodies with a songbird voice. She brings a philosophical mind to a love of music you can shout out loud in the car. The result is a catalog of catchy songs that get stuck in your head but that might keep you reflecting later on. She counts indie rocker Spencer Krug and 60’s folk icon Paul Simon as her main influences. 

She is based in Richmond, VA, but loves to travel. 

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